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Will Mr. Cherien turn out to be the honest man some say he is?

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To the editor,
On March 18, I sent the following letter to Ed Cherien of Iberdrola Renewables, with a second request sent on March 26. Here it is April 2nd and I've yet to get a response. Why?
"Mr. Cherien:
I am a resident of Grafton, New Hampshire and when you did a presentation at our town Fire House last fall, and then again at a Q&A session in Alexandria, New Hampshire you stated that if Iberdrola didn't have the community's support, you would not move forward on the project. As I'm sure you're aware, both towns had warrant articles pertaining to this project on the ballot. The overwhelming response has been that we, the residents of these towns, do NOT want your wind turbines. At a meeting in January with the Groton selectmen, Miles Sinclair spoke of what an honest and trustworthy man you are. As he has spent a great deal of time meeting with you, I can only he assume he knows you much better than those of us who've only had exposure to you at the above mentioned presentations and Q&A sessions. In light of him vouching for your character and there being video recorded of your statements in Alexandria, I look forward to seeing the press release published ASAP declaring that Iberdrola is ceasing to pursue the Wild Meadows Wind Project. I'd also appreciate it if you e-mail me a copy of the press release as well."
It's time to show us if you're the honest man claimed to be, or if your true colors tell a different story.
Cindy Kudlik