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Per pupil cost for both rich & poor should follow the student

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To the editor,
Before I get into the real reason for this letter, a big thanks to The Laconia Daily Sun for reviewing my radio program podcast where the mayor and three councilors took the time (2 hours) to address pay-as-you-throw for our rubbish pickup. There are folks who are still wrestling with what is the best way for their dollars to be used. There are Laconia taxpayers who see this as a major policy change and want to feel secure that they fully understand the plan.
The Laconia Post Office and the Senior Center, across the street, are two stops where I can certainly get the "pulse of the city". Usually it is a pleasant experience. Yesterday one fellow (known him for many decades) decided to give me his feelings re: my strong support of Parents Choice in Education, an alternative to the government schools. He does not want his money going to (not flattering) Holy Trinity or any Catholic school. Then he switches to my opposition to having the Human Relations Committee as a line item in the city budget. What government function do they perform? Another American to buy into government education is always the answer. Did anyone ever consider that the customer/student is poorly served? In this state the lawmakers will vote down any help for students who would excel in a parents' choice policy. The affluent, and the less fortunate should have the per pupil cost follow the student. If we are serious about a great education then let's make certain that ALL students are equal when it comes to opportunity. Parents and students can "cherish" an education within an alternative to government schools.
Niel Young