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Do we advocate banning automobiles because they kill people?

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To the editor,
On March 29 the "Sun" published a letter written by Barbara J Perry. I wish respond to Ms. Perry.
Ms. Perry, you wrote: "I hate guns and I believe that the person that invented guns should be shot!". This kind of violent hateful language, while counterproductive, is protected by the first amendment. You also opined: "When the Constitution said an individual has a right to bear arms, they were talking about pistols and rifles not the assault weapons that are available today." I noticed that you conveniently left out the whole "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" part. When our founding fathers penned the First Amendment they couldn't possibly imagine MSNBC or the Huffington Post, but like your violent hate speech, they too are protected by the First Amendment.
I particularly enjoyed the part of your letter when you wrote: "guns kill innocent men, women and children." Okay, I have let you in on a little secret, guns are just objects, and they don't kill people. . . people kill people. Using your twisted logic, we should also ban automobiles. Automobiles "kill" far more people then guns! Oh, okay, I understand. . . we can't ban automobiles because we rely on them to get work. . . but, what about Corvettes, why can't we ban Corvettes? They are specifically designed to far exceed the posted speed limit, and we all know that speed "kills". They even look fast and are so impractical. . . no one actually "needs" a Corvette, and they are not constitutionally protected either. I hate Corvettes and I believe that the person that invented the corvette should die in fiery wreck. No, I am not being serious; I'm just trying out some of your liberal logic.
Ms. Perry, please remember that without the Second Amendment, there can't be a First Amendment.
Kevin Leandro