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Wanna get away from Marxist /socialist elite? I suggest Kabul

To the editor,
In response to Steve Earle's letter on March 30 titled, "If you want Bush in jail, congressional Dems will have to go too", I offer the following website. Just go to Google and search "u.s.senate vote on iraq war". You can read for yourself who voted for what.
If you can read and believe anything Steve writes, you are the MOST unimformed folks on earth. It would be a interesting forum to attend if Mr. Earle was the guest of honor and was asked questions from the crowd and where he gets his facts from. I was pleased to see that he had considered leaving this country (I quote) but couldn't find one as all the realistic options are already socialist run and his problem is with the Marxist/socialist elite running the country into the ground, you know the Obama crowd. Well since you complain about everything wrong, gas prices, fuel oil energy costs, food prices, etc, etc, I have a place for you. I suggest you pack up and head for Afghanistan, purchase a mud hut, get a hand-drawn donkey cart, collect firewood to sell in the market place.You will have none of the problems there as you complain about here. Once you get settled, you can send a letter to the editor and invite all your right-wing buddies over to enjoy the good life away from the left-wing Obama crowd.
Henry Osmer
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