People of faith that I know treat gays & lesbians with respect

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To the editor,
I wonder if Plymouth State University tests a persons logic before they are hired?
On Tuesday, Ms. Rudman Chong again tried to define (aka demean) a conservative. She claims that they love puppies but don't like dogs. She must have missed the biology class where it was explained how two dogs got together and made some puppies. However, it appears the only class she didn't miss was the one that showed how to get rid of what those two dogs produced. Using her warped logic, given time, there would be no more dogs or puppies. Sad.
Ms. Rudman Chong then furthers her definition of a conservative as one who is unwilling to let gay and lesbian people be happy. I gather her inference is that if someone's religion holds that marriage is a "sacrament", intended for procreation of the faith, that they should abandon their religious beliefs, because that belief interferes with another person's happiness. The people of faith that I know treat gay and lesbian people with respect. Perhaps Ms.Rudman Chong might consider doing the same for those who don't share her political views.
I think Ms. Rudman Chong has a logic deficiency. And yes . . . she teaches our children.
Bob Meade