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I'm not willing to let N.H. lawmakers tell criminals where to aim

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To the editor,
What a huge disaster to see the vote in the N.H. House (186 Democrats and 3 Republicans) vote to repeal the "Stand Your Ground" law. This law simply reiterated our basic Constitutional Rights — the choice for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves with firearms in locations where we can be legally. It is American Constitution 101—a document ALL N.H. Representatives have sworn an oath to uphold!
They will find some educated-sounding argument to justify this vote and make it appear as if they have "public safety" and "children" in their best intentions. But the law of the Universe says otherwise. History shows repeatedly that crime, tyranny, and violence escalate exponentially when private citizens are not allowed to protect themselves lawfully and leaders are not made to operate within the law.
"This is America" they say, "Have faith in your law enforcement," they say, discounting that this could happen here. Ask the average citizens of Chicago if they feel safe in their city. Ask the people of Detroit who is running their city. It certainly isn't law and order and decent law abiding citizens. It is thugs who run rampant both in their Legislatures and on the streets making the law-abiding citizens into victims who have lost their voice and their ability to protect themselves legally.
I am not willing to allow N.H. legislators to put a bull's eye on our schools, homes and towns so that criminals know where to aim!
This vote goes to the State Senate. Please let your state senator hear from you! Also, don't forget to check if your representative voted for this and be sure you tell your friends and neighbors. They will be shaking hands and looking for votes before you know it!
Debbie Johnson