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We took the innocent people of Iraq to the cross & crucified them

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To the editor,
In this very special time of the year when Easter and Passover are celebrated, we need to look back 10 years to the Iraq War. The consensus now say, "It was a mistake!" How does this terse remark, in any way, excuse the brutality and suffering we inflicted on the innocent civilians of Iraq, beset by civil war. A ancient country: oil rich, but corrupt throughout, having to face the strongest military force the world has ever seen. Without a modern army, or the will to fight, we crushed them, killing everyone that opposed us, calling them our enemies! Recently a PBS report completely whitewashed the story and used the same contemptible phrase the military invented, "Shock and Awe! They still don't have the guts to tell the truth — under the shock and awe poetry lay thousands of Iraqi bodies — men, women and children!
They took Jesus to the cross and crucified him. We took the Iraq people to the cross, innocent of crimes against us, and we crucified them. Their blood is on our hands! If you can deny this, you can deny the truth. Maybe it's the best you can do to cover the national shame of these tragic years.
Beware of war-mongers and their outrageous claims. We have seen what a vicious and corrupt administration can do to lead us into war using lies and distortions to create fear, overpowering honest and capable leaders to do something they knew was morally indefensible. God forgive us for our sins!
Leon R. Albushies