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Humanitarian trip to Dominican made rewarding by donations

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To the editor,
From March 2-16, 2013 I went on a two week humanitarian, medical trip to the Dominican Republic with 21 nursing students. Several people in the Lakes Region generously donated their time and supplies to make this trip so rewarding. I would like to thank Marion Gardner, Sally Abbott, Theresa Smith, Ruth Kruizenga, Olga Taylor and Ginny King, all of Gilford Village Knolls, for the personal care items and school supplies they donated.
Claire Gardner, a sixth grade student at Lakeland School, collected donations as part of her community project at the school. She collected hair ribbons, soaps, shampoos, pencils, crayons, and tooth brushes and toothpaste which were in great need in the rural campos I visited.
Sherry Gardner's Spanish class at Lakeland School wrote letters in Spanish that I brought to students in the Dominican Republic. They loved reading letters from America and wrote back to their new friends. They adorned themselves with the stickers that came with the letters.
The New Hampshire Nurse Practitioner Association awarded me a $1000 grant to purchase antibiotics and other prescription medications that would have been otherwise unavailable to these people.
Health care in the Dominican Republic is very limited and even basic supplies, such as soap, band aids, and vitamins are lacking. Thank you so much to everyone who helped make a difference in the lives of the families we met.
Nancy E. Dirubbo, APRN
Family Nurse Practitioner
Laconia Women's Health Center