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Long ago we limited damage from corruption by keeping govt. small

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To the editor,
I was happy to see, in his letter of March 26th, that Johan Andersen agrees with the historic and current conservative position that humans can be evil and corruptible. I wonder if he understands the implications of his position.
Our Founding Fathers struggled to create a government that protected peoples' liberties. Their focus wasn't with evil people who slander, beat, rob, rape, and murder. Knowing that power corrupts even well-intentioned people, the Founding Fathers' objective was to protect the liberties of the people from evil/corruptible people who control government power.
There are many examples of American government officials and politicians abusing the power of their offices at the expense of the people. Examples include the Alien and Sedition Acts and McCain-Feingold (used to protect incumbent politicians), bailouts, subsidies, tax laws and regulations favoring specific groups, excessive pay for federal workers, and Obamacare.
For over half of our nation's existence, our country limited the damage from corruption by keeping our federal government small, almost always less than 5 percent of the economy. But the Progressive movement beginning in the early 20th Century has grown our federal government to 24 percent of our economy.
Big government enables politicians to buy power, support and personal benefits by rewarding supportive people, businesses, and other special interests. However, the taxes, regulations, and bureaucracies that enable politicians to dispense this largess come at the expense of peoples' power, liberties, opportunities, prosperity, and independence... and the people have lost lots of each.
Only a return to constitutionally-limited government can minimize the impact of corrupt officials and politicians, restore and preserve our liberties, and avoid a financial catastrophe which will leave most Americans in poverty. Unfortunately, only conservatives are working for a return to constitutionally-limited government.
Do Johan Andersen and others understand that a citizen's biggest threat is an oppressive government? Will Anderson and others join conservatives in demanding a return to the only thing that controls evil people with political power, a government with strictly limited constitutional functions? Or, will they continue to be seduced by corrupt, power hungry politicians and let themselves, their children, grandchildren, and future generations return to the natural state of man, subservience to an oppressive government controlled by corruptible and evil people?
Don Ewing