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Destruction of our scenic landscape being done by our own govt.

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To the editor,
The one-year moratorium on new energy projects, like the proposed wind farms around Newfound Lake, failed in the state senate for a third time. One thing we did learn from the last meeting was that wind turbines cannot be buried in the same way transmission lines can. If only!
People around Newfound Lake take note. The destruction of our scenic landscape is being done by our government, at the demand of foreign governments, to produce electricity for southern states at our expense. N.H. officials are salivating at new green energy revenues being dangled in front of them.
Our government will continue to spend, spend, spend and make foreign wind developers very rich from public subsidies. Any intervention by opposing groups has been viewed as a joke by New Hampshire politicians. Politicians are siding with developers. Wind Watch members are by no means as stupid as some politicians seem to think. We are simply fed up with seeing our treasured landscape — our most priceless visitor attraction — being trashed by our government just because they can't figure out their flawed approach to renewable energy.
I am starting to believe that N.H. politicians could have a "detrimental effect" on our tourism. Statements like "wind farms enhance our views" and "wind farms will attract visitors" are complete hogwash. Politicians know where tourism hot spots are and they know they are worth protecting. So why aren't they?
There have been four applications for wind farm developments along the shoreline of Newfound Lake — well within the scenic views of Mount Cardigan. The Groton wind farm was built, should all be granted permission? This intervention was long overdue and I hope the N.H. politician's sit-up and takes notice.
We already have five existing renewable energy plants in the area — do we really deserve another three or more? We've already done our bit for climate change and that so called low carbon economy. Now we need to conserve — and enhance — what's left of our biggest asset, our landscape. We need to ensure that our visitors spend their money here — most of which stays in our community unlike wind farm profits.
Now is the time to represent us... or as we'd like to think... protect us.
Ray Cunningham