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Wind power subsidies wouldn't pay for a week of our wars

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To the editor,
I would like to reply to a letter from Russ Wiles. I found it interesting that Mr. Wiles was chosen by his right wing party to write concerning my letter to Steve Earle, as he cannot speak of anything he writes about himself. The response he made about HUBRIS is proof enough to me that he either doesn't know or wouldn't know the truth about anything except what is put out by Fox News. He is correct in saying that wind power was subsidized by $5 billion in 2010. In 2012, the state of Texas has the most installed wind power capacity of any U.S state — California, Iowa follow. In 2012, 39 states have now installed at least some utility-scale wind power. It was interesting to read that subsidies for one year would have paid for one week of the cost of two UNFUNDED wars. I suggest to Mr.Wiles that he google wind power by states to get further information. I read on another site that the first world's wind farm was installed at Crotched Mountain in New Hampshire.
He was also correct that I failed to mention that senior citizens will see no change in Social Security and Medicare. We both failed to mention that GOP Rep. Paul Ryan's budget requires a rise in the retirement age for future retirees .Futhermore, if you were born after 1959 you will recieve a voucher to purchase your own insurance. Tell that to your right wing followers Mr.Wiles, plus notify your childen and grandchildren, as I have as to what they can expect in the future from a right wing White House.
In your nitpicking of my letter, this subject was my favorite. Yes, you're correct in saying there are 30 GOP governors. My question to you is this, explain to the readers how many right wing states voted for President Obama? I want you to google federal dollars by state.The headline reads MOST RED STATES TAKE MORE MONEY FROM WASHINGTON THAN THEY PUT IN. Even as the GOP gripes about deficit spending, their states receive 30 cents more per tax dollar than their Democratic neighbors. The GOP states spend $1.46 cents for every dollar paid, Democrat states spend $1.16 cents for every dollar paid.
I now want you to scroll down to maps titled Sweet Land of Subsidy and check it out, state by state, for yourself. It is my opinion, Mr. Wiles, that many GOP states would become dust bowls without federal dollars. I hope this also quiets your complaint about subsidies for wind power, as it is heavily invested in red states. It is true that the GOP has control of the House of Representives. It is also true that many claim to be tea party candidates who caucus with Republicans. I ask you to tell the readers what is the approval rating of the GOP House? I will keep track of the letters Steve writes and add you to the list. I hope you both will get your facts or opinions from the Internet and turn off Fox News, read both sides of the story. I don't allow the Weirs Times in my house. That is the most right wing paper in print, even the Union Leader can't keep up to it. I have a subscription to the Union and read it everyday.
I did notice that you left Col.North out of your list of names to read. Why was that Mr. Wiles? While you insinuated that I was a liar, I am a Democrat who at times writes like a right wing nut — it feels good to leave out part of the whole truth once in a while. I wrote this without my rose colored glasses and Utopian tea (what ever that is).
Henry Osmer