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If you want Bush in jail, Congressional Dems will have to go too

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To the editor,
Well, well, it seems Henry Osmer has once again taken me to task about my position on solar panels and wind turbines. Seems California has the endless fields of solar panels and turbines turning out energy for folks out there. Wow!! So how come they have the highest utility costs in the nation Henry? Sounds to me as though you have just made my point for me, thank you.
Now as to me leaving the country, where would I go? All the realistic options are already socialist run and struggling to stay afloat. Besides it's not that I dislike the U.S., my problem is with the Marxist/socialist elite running the country into the ground. You know, the Obama crowd.
On another letter, my friend Scott Cracraft thinks Bush 43 and his people should be in jail. Come on Scott you know better then that. Though this is a favorite talking point among the extreme left, Scott does know better. The fact is that nearly every Democrat then in Congress voted to give Bush the authority to use force. And though they like to pretend they were lied to, the fact is that Dems were and are on every committee and sub committee in government, including intelligence, so when Bill Clinton's CIA director was held over by Bush it is no wonder the same misinformation came with him. Plus, every intelligence agency in the world had all said they had WMDs. So if you want Bush and Company in jail I want both Clinton's and all the Dems from that time and all those since who have voted continuing funds for those wars in jail right beside them. What's good for the goose is good for the gander, right Scott?
Steve Earle