Any suggestion how to avoid these odd hour telemarketing calls?

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To the editor,
On Wednesday morning, March 27 at 4:45 AM, the phone did ring: "Listen carefully — we have a low interest offer you cannot refuse..."
Needless to say, I did hang-up. The phone number showing was 1-201-917-7014
Whatever did happen to the no-call laws? Every other day we get calls at the most inconvenient times. "There is nothing wrong with your credit card, etc."
We are not alone. An elderly Gilford couple in their late 80s, and others, told us that they get the same unwanted calls.
We reported those calls on the Internet to the No-Call Center. Looks like those efforts were all in vain. Sure, we can disconnect the phone for the night but with relatives living
in other parts of the world, that is not a good idea, especially for emergencies. That is why we are concerned, when the phone rings in the middle of the night, then being just an unwanted telemarketers call.
Any suggestions to avoid these calls?
Werner Rebsamen