I fear we'll lose our natural sound & skyline will never be same

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To the editor,
Foreign-based wind developers and operators are sitting on a pile of stalled projects in New Hampshire. Iberdrola, EDP and other wind companies may have just opened the flood gates. Three new wind farm orders — worth hundreds of millions of dollars may soon be a permanent fixture around Newfound Lake for the next 15-20 years.
New deals are getting signed, new mountaintops are being sought, new people will be effected and new profits are being aggressively chased. Indeed, a flurry of activity has hit New Hampshire in the form of mass energy expansion — or should I say "Mass." energy expansion.
Developers are mainly dusting off projects they already had in the works — like "Wild Meadows, Spruce Ridge and Alpine Ridge Farms". We've only known about these projects for four months, yet they have been in the works for years. What we do know is that this is not a place for them. We know developers are all linked together behind the scenes — in private —
and that they share strategies behind closed doors.
I fear if they are built here we will lose. We will lose our views, our watershed will be in jeopardy, our wildlife will disappear, we will see a reduction of our property values, our recreation areas will shrink, we will lose our natural sound and our nighttime skyline willnever be the same.
Will Newfound Lake have a curfew? Will boaters be restricted from nighttime driving? Don't laugh — this may be discussed due to the reflection of thousands of proposed blinking lights glimmering across the lake. Lights that confuse motorists rather than assist motorists may cause many accidents during nighttime driving.
If you are having concerns — now is the time to ask them.
Ray Cunningham