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Require everyone to purchase a trash card for $91 per year

To the editor,
The real issue is that the City of Laconia needs more money to continue trash collection. To require the use of mandatory bags is at best a messy way to gather the necessary revenue. The required bags will cost the city to produce and distributing bags will further reduce revenue. Enforcing compliance, collecting fines and settling disputes will also lower the bottom line.
A much more practical plan would be to assume the required trash bags are small and each Laconia resident would use one a week. At $1.75 per bag times 52 that's $91 per year. Instead of buying bags, each resident would be required to purchase a Trash Card for $91 plus a $9 processing fee. This would result in more or less 1.5 million dollars of new money for the city. Requiring residents to show their Trash Card to purchase groceries would prompt compliance to the ordinance. Children would need a Trash Card to attend school. Authorized volunteers could perform door to door Trash Card spot checks.
It's not hard to imagine the next crisis will involve city street maintenance. Keeping with the trash bag theory, the city might install four tollbooths.
A simpler way to gather the same revenue would be to tack on a $365 charge to the vehicle registration fees, Who could reasonably object to paying an extra dollar a day to drive around town?
Tom Becker
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