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Sen. Ayotte: stop wasting money on foreigners & stand up for vets

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To the editor,
Senator Ayotte, you were elected to the Senate because most of us thought you had some backbone and were out to serve the people of the great state of New Hampshire. Where did you learn the art of deception so well that as a sheep farmer you pulled the wool over the eyes of your supporters so easily.
It is getting clearer and clearer that the only reason you wanted to be senator was to double your salary from (rounded off numbers) $85K to $174K a year and to take the salary with you when you retired. Wouldn't it be nice if you got your backside off the golden throne and did something you could make us all proud of you for? Like instead of going with the rest of the crooks down there in DC you got on the bandwagon to help the veterans who are so desperately in need of disability help. You would think that after you took that trip to Iraq when you first got in office as a senator (by the way, as your boss, I did not sanction this trip of wasted tax dollars) that you would have compassion for the people that are following your orders serving in a hell hole that will always be a hell hole. Why is it that those of us struggling for a living can see the way to helping our soldiers and you can not? It would be so simple to take the money away from all the freeloaders (lazy kids who dream up any excuse to get on welfare and church-sponsored foreigners who are handed money right and left because they think this is the land of milk and honey). The parents had these kids and the church brought these people here, let them support them and lets the money go where it should be going — TO OUR VETS!
Stand up Senator Ayotte and become a leader of the people for the people and make us proud that you are from the little Great State of New Hampshire.
Bev Buker