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GOP got 'wiped out'! Really? With U.S. House & 30 GOP governors

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To the editor,
Henry Osmer from Hill demonstrates "hubris" by suggesting that we readers, and Steve Earle in particular, watch the documentary, "HUBRIS" on MSNBC. Now, perhaps dear Henry is not aware that MSNBC has become what amounts to a wholly owned subsidiary of the White House. They used to try and hide the fact that they were nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Obama administration. They no longer try and hide that fact anymore. "HUBRIS" is about as factual as "Gasland" and "An Inconvenient Truth".
Next, Mr. Osmer apparently tries to paint a picture of the success of solar panels and windmills. However, he uses as his example, the proliferation of them in California. Perhaps Henry would like to enlighten us as to the success of all those subsidized green energy structures. You know, other than the fact that they have caused energy prices to skyrocket and have reduced the scenic beauty of the landscape as folks escape that "left coast" state in droves. Possibly, I am incorrect about this and Henry will bring us some factual data about their success in bringing citizens affordable energy in the state that is about as solvent as Greece and Cyprus.
Mr. Osmer then perpetuates a myth or a flat out lie, take your pick. He says Republicans want to do away with Social Security and Medicare. They are actually trying to save it from insolvency and the changes will not affect senior citizens and retirees at all. Democrats pretend to be the compassionate party by keeping it just as it is, until it collapses and affects everyone.
Finally, he throws one last barb at Steve by spouting another nonsense liberal talking point. Henry asserts that the Republican Party "got wiped off the map the last election". Did they not keep the House of Representatives? I'm pretty sure that a large majority of elected state governors are from the right side of the aisle. Before you pick on Steve again, Henry, you might want to take off your rose colored glasses, put down your cup of Utopian tea, avoid MSNBC and attempt some objective critical thinking. Seriously, try it, I think you'll like it. It worked wonders for former liberals like Thomas Sowell, John Stossel, Dennis Miller, Star Parker and David Horowitz.
Russ Wiles