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The fix was in. Utility companies own the N.H. Senate

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To the editor,
I attended the hearing on the renewable energy moratorium bill, SB-99, on March 20. The hearing was a sham. Lobbyists for PSNH sat smugly in the first row with their arms folded and never testified as dozens of citizens poured out their hearts and testimony. The lobbyists didn't need to testify, they were in control. The committee closed the hearing, discarded all testimony, written or otherwise. A senator presented an amendment that excluded Northern Pass from the moratorium and the bill was passed. It was obvious that the "fix was in."
There is a rising chorus of citizens up here speculating that the only reason the bill was amended was to obtain campaign contributions.
The common perception is the Senate is owned outright by Northeast Utilities and Public Service.
Public Service is trampling, with the help of our Legislature, our citizens' constitutional right to property, for the promotion of a power line that is classified as "elective," it is not necessary, according to the ISO, who control the NE power grid. This is a project motivated by profit only; it destroys the scenic beauty and economic viability of our tourist based economy in the North Country. It delivers practically no electricity to the citizens of New Hampshire. For every 200 megawatts of electricity at .3 cents per KWH Northern Pass transmits through our state we will see one-tenth of a cent off our KWH charge. That won't cover the loss of value to local property owners.
New Hampshire is a net power producer, yet we have the 6th highest electric rates in the country.
Senators, if you want to improve the lives of our citizens; then fix that problem first.
Paul H. Simard