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We don't want changes this N.H. Listens pushes on our towns

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To the editor,
The PR Firm "NH Listens" is a corporate front group and is one of the groups employed by N.H. Regional Planning Commission (Lakes Region Planning Commission) to conduct Delphi sessions promoting "Sustainable Community Initiatives" in many towns and cities. The UNH Cooperative Extension/Carsey Institute directed by Dr. Bruce L. Mallory and Michelle Holt-Shannon engages in public-private partnerships where they can promote causes. N.H. Listens trains "facilitators, who then become "agents of change" in our public institutions. We now see them invade N.H. towns, cities and school meetings! They are employing "Radical Education" industry operatives to come facilitate meetings on how the N.H. schools must teach. They do this through our school board in most towns and cities. This should alarm everyone and raise red flags about the people we elect to these boards. Town folks, parents young and old, grandparents need to look at the agenda taught in schools. WE need to protect our school children, who are the links to strong families under our natural rights as parents.
N.H. towns need to speak out against the lies, doubletalk, and stealth policies of this corporation, whose main purpose is to take our freedoms away, under the masquerade of "community conversations", which will foster the changes through the Lakes Regional Planning Commission via community planners.
The true American tradition of planning is open meeting with ordinary citizens where they are free to suggest new ideas about community needs for the consideration by governing authority, where other citizens are free to oppose these ideas and elected officials discuss and debate the suggestion and then debate the answer.
It should not be a staged circle of 8-10 people, it should involve all the citizens, not a minority. A consensus of the majority! None of these established practices of honest and open government are used by the paid facilitators and their ilk. In fact these principles are adamantly opposed and crushed every step of the way via N.H. Listens program.The Delphi Technique is the "beast" that is destroying our constitutional rights, freedoms and our republic!
Let's tear down the liars as we take back our rights and our American Republic, We do not want the changes this N.H. Listens pushes on our towns and cities! Say no to the Sustainable Community Initiative and vote the people out in your community who push this agenda. We need to be the voice in our town, by going to the many committee meetings, as concerned citizens. If need be, form groups to attend the selectman meetings and committee meetings.
Rosemary Landry