Daily Sun reporting on county budget has had bias & I know why

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To the editor,
I have been perplexed by the one-sided reporting of our Belknap County Convention meetings dealing with the approval of the 2013 budget. At the conclusion of our Tuesday, March 19, 2013 meeting, a disrespectful and angry encounter with reporter Michael Kitch lifted the veil as to the slant of his biased reporting.
As chair of our Belknap County delegation, I am extremely disappointed with the obvious lack of Mr. Kitch's professional behavior. The "press" should never advocate any side in a public forum/discussion. Clearly, a reporter's personal opinion should never affect the complete and honest reporting of the press. Facts are important but hyperbole only serves to "stir the pot", effectively heightening what is already a difficult situation.
Many in the Lakes Region rely on The Laconia Daily Sun for information. We can only hope that future meetings will be non-confrontational with reporting representing all sides of the issues in the debate.
Rep. Colette Worsman
Belknap 2 - Gilford & Meredith