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I'll vote for mandatory recycling option; that's what people want

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To the editor,
This past weekend some members of the City Council took to the airwaves to present their reasons for Pay-As-You-Throw versus mandatory recycling. I am not going to rebut them or argue for Option 3, but there are always other options and at this time there seems to be a deadlock, which will be broken by the mayor, who is for PAYT. Interestingly, they were on the air for two full hours, and I monitored the number of callers. There was a total of seven phone calls, with one in favor of Pay-As-You0Throw; three in favor of mandatory recycling; and two with no preference, were looking for information or had another interest, not connected to recycling. One caller was a repeat caller with another subject..
At the last Council meeting, we agreed to a waiting period to hear from more of the public , though we have been hearing from them for months. The Council asked for the public to contact them and voice their preference. There are a few ways this can be done. You can call your councilor and any other councilor; you can write to them at City Hall; or you can e-mail them at City Hall with the following e-mail address, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . They will be forwarded to all the councilors. The councilors have also agreed to phone calls. Here are the numbers you can call:
Brenda Baer 524-6349; Ava Doyle 393-6533; Matt Lahey 524-4283; Henry Lipman 528-019l;
Bob Hamel 524-6360; Armand Bolduc 524-2514; Mayor Seymour 524-6552
So far, since Wednesday, March 13th following council meeting until the end of Saturday's radio show, I have received 25 calls or e-mails and 18 did NOT want PAYT and seven did.
Also to be considered is the City Forum held September 14, 2011. At that time a poll and comment cards were taken. 64 percent were NOT in favor of PAYT and 24 percent WERE. These figures seem to indicate that the most residents are NOT in favor.
The two plans most considered are Option 3, mandatory recycling, or Option 4, Pay-As-You-Throw. For the past few years this has been discussed and the pros and cons of both are well known. As a city with a huge senior population, and below poverty level of many families — so much so that 60 percent of the students qualify for free or subsidized lunches — we must weigh this in our decision to charge them $1.75 a bag for trash pickup. The human equation must never be taken out of our decisions.
I will vote for Option 3 as it is the wishes of not only my constituents but many that I come across daily. I get phone calls and e-mails from people in other wards as well as mine. The number to call at City Hall is 527-1270
Let's hear from you.
Councilor Brenda Baer
Ward 4, Laconia