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Why are Bush, Cheney & Rumsfeld not on trial for war crimes?

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To the editor,
Recently, we marked the tenth anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq War. Thousands of brave Americans lost their lives and tens of thousands more were wounded physically, mentally, and spiritually. These patriotic American men and women sacrificed themselves in a war based on lies and misinformation. Many more Iraqis were killed. The military-industrial complex squandered American blood and treasure on a lie.
In 1946, many of the German defendants in the Nuremberg Trials were convicted of the crime of "conspiracy to wage aggressive war" along with other crimes. At that time the United States recognized that waging an aggressive and unprovoked war was an international crime.
Why do we not apply these same standards to our own leaders? Why are George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld not on trial or even under indictment or investigation? Why are they being treated as "senior statesmen" and not as the war criminals they really are?
E. Scott Cracraft