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If you think this country is so bad, pick up an atlas & find a new one

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To the editor,
I want to remind the readers of The Laconia Daily sun to be sure to read the column written in Thursday's paper by Pat Buchanan.This is the first column written I've read by a right-wing party member who has finally written the truth about the war in Iraq and what a failure it was.I also want to remind everyone to watch a rerun of the documentary HUBRIS on msnbc Friday night at 9 p.m. This is spoken live by the lies and liars who tell them.
I hope Steve Earle and all his right-wing buddies have got something to say about this column and documentary. I want to inform Mr. Earle on his comments on me comparing the war in Vietnam to violence in this country as different as apples to oranges. I was trying to explain that many deaths in Vietnam were the results of friendly fire. I doubt you can find a veteran of any conflict doesn't know that this is a fact, Steve. Furthermore, this country reports death by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Steve, you wrote of one such incident yourself — about the young lady killed in Chicago who was shot one week after marching in a parade in Washington D.C.
I think if you were take a trip to Barstow, California on Interstate 40, you will see solar panels as far as you can see. When you leave there, go north on Interstate 5 to Livermore, California and you will see enough windmills to cover a good share of N.H.. I hauled them out there by the tractor trailer load from Burlington Mass. for years. I can't understand why you continue to make cheap shots about things you have NO knowledge about. If your looking to argue, I will oblige in a friendly conversation anytime.
You wrote about us being in the poor bracket and having trouble paying for fuel gas etc. I will look for your letter condemning your party for wanting to do away with Social Security and Medicare, which we both qualify for, and hand out vouchers to get your own insurance. Steve, your party got wiped off the map the last election. They are fighting each other and don't know what direction to go in. If this country is so bad as you say, pick up a atlas and find a place you'd rather be. In the meantime have fun with your gumboot chiton snails. I'll get up and put another stick of wood on the fire.
Henry Osmer