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Belmont Heritage Commission thanks voters & Sargent Fund

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To the editor,
The Belmont Heritage Commission is grateful for this year's support from voters and the John M. Sargent Trust Fund Committee.
Heritage Resources funding — Warrant Article #25 — passed by the largest margin since established, and will continue to match grants and other opportunities. The Sargent Fund generously provided monies to help sponsor a free concert celebrating completion of the historic Bandstand's first phase of restoration. Stabilization, final relocation on a masonry foundation, and critical preservation efforts are expected to begin this summer for this historic community landmark.
Thank you all for this important support, and the privilege of serving the community's future, in part, by celebrating its past.
Linda Frawley, Chairman
Wallace Rhodes, Vice Chairman
Kelly Rolfe, Secretary
Margaret Normandin
Shayne Duggan
Alyce Jewell
Ronald Cormier (representing Selectboard)