PMHS teachers ask you support at Barnstead School Meeting

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To the editor,
The Prospect Mountain Teachers' Association would like to extend a sincere note of thanks to the school board, the budget committee, and all of the citizens of Alton who turned out on voting day and moved our school one step further toward being the strong bulwark of education we all want it to be.
This week, the citizens of Barnstead will have the same chance at the school meeting to lend their voices to what they want the future of their community to look like. We fervently hope that they will show the same dedication to their children and vote in the affirmative to ratify the PMHS teachers' agreement. We know a strong educational experience for our children is good for everyone — it is one of the best ways to ensure that both the towns of Alton and Barnstead continue to grow as strong communities.
We ask you to please attend the Barnstead school meeting on Saturday, March 23 at Barnstead Elementary School at 9 am.
The PMHS Teachers' Association