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Here's how a couple of local residents can get their grandson on TV

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To the editor,
I dare say that among your paper's readership there are enough jazz fans that they may appreciate knowing about a treat they can soak up by watching (and especially listening to) LRPA-TV Saturday night. That is when the New York University Steinhardt Music Education Jazz Ensemble will show the listener how selections ranging from "Eleanor Rigby" to "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" are best preformed.
If your readers are sufficiently intrigued to tune in and enjoy the NYU Jazz Ensemble, the time is 9 p.m. this Saturday night and the place is LRPA-TV's Channel 25. While the undersigned would like you to admire our grandson, Tom Longabaugh (the trumpeter in the top row, left), we really think you will be struck on how good a bunch of college students are in rendering jazz as it deserves to be played.
It would also be a reasonable wonderment on how a couple of local residents can get their grandson on TV? The answer is that federal regulations require cable companies to provide a Public Access channel in their menu of channels. On the western side of Lake Winnipesaukee the Public Access channel in Metrocast's line-up is LRPA's Channel 25. Public Access is exactly what it name implies: Any member of the public can have a video they submit played on Channel 25 as long as it does not violate community values with respect to decency and so on. Additionally, in the Lakes Region the person submitting their video for airing has to be a resident of a town that is a member of LRPA. In Belknap County those communities are Alton, Belmont, Gilford, Laconia, Meredith, and Northwood.
If there are additional re-plays of the NYU Jazz Ensemble on Channel 25 after Saturday night, that can be learned by going to http://www.lrpa.org/custom_shows.php.
As they say in the business: "Thank you for watching,"
Bob Longabaugh
Alton Bay