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On recycling, I wish Option 3 would work but I support option 4

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To the editor,
Hello Laconia Councilmen and Councilwomen:
I've just viewed the March 18 City Council meeting on television and again heard all the options and responses for plans to improve recycling. All responses were well-presented and the choices narrowed to Option 3 or 4. I think your choice to put off the vote until you try one more time to educate the homeowner/residents was wise and I know that Ann Saltmarsh and Nancy Brown will continue any informative task expertly. I think it would help to show why and how to properly dispose of our waste — just what is garbage, what is trash, what is recyclable? Nancy is the greatest with graphics on Laconia Links! Maybe Krista Marrs would publish the public information in a weekend Citizen insert and also Ed Engler in The Sun.
As a senior on a fixed income and the only resident in my own home, I will gain the most from the Pay-As-You-Throw plan. My reduction will appear in my reduced tax bill once this item is removed and since I only need to put out a small amount of garbage, trash and/or recyclables every other week, at a couple of dollars per bag, I won't go broke and I will no longer be subsidizing others. I also feel the more we recycle it will lessen more harm to our environment. I have been recycling most of my life so it's the natural order for me. And no matter what the cost, I also try not to waste water, gas, oil or electricity. Conservation is the right thing to do. Both options would be fine with me, I wish Option 3 would work, but I support Option 4.
There should not be any debate about renter vs. homeowner vs. business owner. Whether we pay rent, a mortgage or own is not the issue. We all own our own trash/garbage. A portion that renters pay applies to property taxes.
There should not be any debate about communities that pay taxes yet have their own waste management. They must not forget why they have their own waste management. It may have been stipulated when their community was developed as an agreement for more density of housing, etc. and in the case of some gated communities, their privacy may have been more important than public services.
Each taxpayer pays for services they use and for services they never use. It's part of our democratic society.
I do not think 30 percent recycling is an impressive number and therefore do not believe mandatory recycling will work as well or save enough money.
I know that it's for convenience that stores sell leaf bags but I resent that the bags promote their advertising. I would rather that all of the profits from selling any bags go to the city.
I have the greatest respect for the men who pick up my trash. They provide an excellent service to me and with a smile or a holiday greeting. I marvel that they have to pick up so much just on my street alone and when we have leaf removal and its 10 bags of leaves, I marvel even more. I can't image them having to pick up the 64 pound recycle bins at every home on every street.
When I lived in Huntington, we had to separate the glossies from the papers, the clean, colored bottles from the clear, the clean cans separate and no plastic. So look how easy it is in Laconia!
You are all doing a fine service to your city and I appreciate your dedication to the public you serve. Brenda is right about not being able to hear the audience on some occasions on LRPA-TV Ch. 26 but even more annoying is the background noise that gets mixed in which I think comes from the music on Ch. 24.
Dorothy Duffy