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Let's all fight pay-as-you-throw to keep it away from Laconia

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To the editor,
We the people need to speak up now or forever hold our peace. With the City Council contemplating pay-as-you-throw, they better be kicking this can down the road forever. With this economy how can the taxpayers continue to support all? We will be forced to purchase bags at a cost, along with our tax dollars. When will the bleeding stop? What happens to all the trash bags we already have in our households? As I read and heard, these bags that we will be mandatory are made in CHINA, why are going to give our moneys to them? Let's all fight for this not to happen. Call your ward council rep and voice yourself. We in this state have no income/or state tax. . .  WE HAVE FEES UPON FEES. . . they always know the loop holes in N.H. government to get all they can out of our wallets. It will only get worse if we do not speak up.
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Marty Neylon