I gave Rep. Worsman 3 pennies because she's pound foolish

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To the editor,
At the March 19 meeting of the Belknap County Delegation, I witnessed the election, again, of the officers. Though Rep. Arsenault reasoned that the election should be run by someone other than Rep. Worsman, whose election along with the others was being re-done due to earlier process failure, Rep. Worsman rationalized that she could run the election because her legal counsel, ironically given the circumstances, had called her "duly elected." She did not recuse herself. The process was now visible, and fell along the predicted party lines (so all officers are Republicans, though sometimes a Republican crossed over and voted for David Huot). Well, that does clearly lay the blame for disrespect for processes and other woes on the Republicans, should our citizenry realize the budget cuts forced on the County Commissioners could influence our citizenry to want more Democrats in those seats, next election.
Mainly the night consisted of working to correct minutes of three previous meetings, with a half hour in non-public session to discuss the Tardif v. Convention lawsuit. As representatives, media, citizenry put on their coats to leave, I approached Rep. Worsman and gave her four pennies. I said, "These are for you, because you are penny-wise and pound-foolish." She beamed, thinking I'd complimented her, and repeated the "penny-wise" part. I said, "But you do know about the 'pound foolish' part, don't you?" She looked confused. I told her, "What you don't allow paying for now, will still need paying for later, and probably at greater cost." It occurred to me that she may also not know, "A stitch in time saves nine." That would cover the stability of the county and maintaining what we have achieved to now — with suitable funding — not lavish, but suitable.
Worsman and her leadership of majority, obedient Republicans there in our Belknap County Delegation, may prove the worse for us all, as her procedures are whimsically set, and the old adages that support wisdom may be out of her reach.
Lynn Rudmin Chong