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Arlington full of men & women who died so Lennon could be peacenik

To the editor,
After reading Mr. Corliss' letter in the Saturday Sun, I have to assume that he is in favor of a total ban on firearms. If he believes a six shot .22 cal. Saturday night special is this awful lethal weapon, I can assume nothing less. I agree that Reagan did have some concern about assault rifles as did Justice Scalia but I can't find any evidence that they weren't talking about fully automatic weapons which a true assault rifle is. I'm quite sure that Reagan owned a semi-auto assault "style" rifle.
The term "moonbat" is an all encompassing term used in place of liberal, left wing, progressive, tree hugger, etc. and is not meant to demean anyone unless they themselves think their positions are demeaning. I always find it humorous when someone on the left gets upset by something as harmless as moonbat but they have no problem with throwing around gun nut, right wing nuts, red neck etc. By the way, that was the first time I have ever been referred to as a redneck, I guess I'll have to replace my wardrobe.
John Lennon was certainly a man of peace and it certainly is your right visit the place where he lay dying but I wonder if you've ever visited Arlington National Cemetery, where the bodies of men and women are buried who died so that Mr. Lennon could be a peacenik.
I just wish someone could explain to me why when someone uses a motor vehicle to kill someone they blame the driver and not the vehicle, when someone stabs someone to death they blame the person and not the knife. The same goes for hammers, machetes and all other implements that are used to kill someone. When Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people with a bomb constructed of easily purchased items he was blamed for the crime and not the bomb, but if someone is killed with a gun the gun is always to blame.
Mr. Corliss mentioned in his letter something about how I wanted to play it; let me say I don't make it a habit of playing, so this will be my last response to him unless he has another letter published that isn't factual. Plus, I think he would be way overmatched. I mean that literally.
Dave Schwotzer

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