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I feel like Alice in Wonderland; all reason & logic is backwards

To the editor,
Well it seems our president intends to continue investing taxpayer money into more green energy sources and how could we have guessed that? But wait green fans, great news from Green Car Reports, a breakthrough! Well maybe? Seems Green Car Reports, reports a discovery that a bio-mineral produced in the teeth of the Gumboot Chiton snail has the potential to make for better batteries and solar panels. Also the stuff can be made at low temps, thus reducing costs. Wow! Shell we all hold our breaths now while Obama continues his crusade against carbon fuels until this new discovery is researched and developed for say the next 30 or 40 years?
Please, will somebody shoot me, I feel like Alice must have in Wonderland, where all reason and logic was backwards and twisted. There are in reality some green things that actually work and are cost effective but we never hear about anything but solar panels and windmills which are expensive and inefficient.. Oh and those electric cars billions and billions have been spent researching and developing? Most companies are giving up on them because we do not have batteries that are powerful enough or hold their charges long enough to make them worthwhile. Maybe those snail teeth will help, in 30 or 40 years?
But what are we supposed to do in the mean time? Over the entire top two thirds of the U.S., we depend on fossil fuels to heat our homes, run our cars and nearly everything else. I ask you readers, who is hurt by Obama's campaign against the existing energy sources? Clearly it is those of us that reside in the lower income brackets, not the rich. But I thought the Democrats said they are looking out for us? Don't get me wrong, the only thing I have against green energy is cost. That and the fact that the president finds it necessary to drive up the price of traditional fuels and subsidize green energy with tax money to make it look like is not all that far behind when in fact it is.
On another subject I have been informed that a statement in my last letter was in error. I said the Republican budget proposed by Paul Ryan would eliminate our debt in 10 years. That was wrong. What it would do is balance the budget in 10 years. Still that's far better then Obama's continue to borrow and spend until the economy implodes plan.
Steve Earle
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