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Will Iberdrola Renewables make up for loss in property value?

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To the editor,
I'm starting to think residents in towns like Alexandria, Danbury, Grafton, Hebron, Bristol and Bridgewater should take a strong hard look at Grafton and start asking questions like: "In the event I can't sell my home/land at appraised value, will Iberdrola provide the difference between the sale price and the appraised value at closing?"
Is this too much to ask for? After-all, you pay taxes based on the town's assessed value each year. And hasn't the number of potential buyers looking to buy your home/land just dwindled due to the
intrusion of wind power plants staring you in the face? Or to be fair, would you buy into a property where you would wake up and see/hear them everyday?
It's cold hard statements like this that wake people up. It effects the whole community. Look at the whole picture for a moment: Residential buyers are not bringing new families to town, schools suffer, jobs suffer, retail suffers, the list goes on... it's called a trickle-down effect. And it makes for a great heart-breaking 60 minute story... because that story won't be on NH Chronicle.
The problem lies with Iberdrola Renewables not you. They might even agree to this plan — don't put it past them.
My point is — your lifestyle will change due to deep rooted, publicly traded, profit chasing companies like this. You lose because you have to adapt to something new and your life savings are at stake... not theirs. They are asking you to change and all they do is gain.
Think — ask questions — and pound the table if you are not given the chance to speak or don't like the vague answers given to you. Your voices are being heard NOW... and will not be heard later.
Ray Cunningham