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Cat found up a tree in Belmont needs to come home. Yours?

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To the editor,
On Sunday March 17th while driving by the Belmont Park 'n Ride, on Route 106, my mother saw a car on the side of the road with people looking up a tree. There was a kitty sitting up there meowing for help to get down. When my Mom got home she told me about it and being the animal lover that I am, I had to go see. When I got there this scared hungry fellow kept meowing as if to say help me get down. I proceeded to the local fire department to ask for assistance but was told their policy doesn't allow them to help.
Disappointed there was nothing I could do, I went home. Monday morning I went back by to see if this little one was still stuck in the tree — which it was. I called the N.H. Humane Society on Meredith Center Road in Laconia to be told they had received several calls on this but couldn't help. Being very determined to help this poor stranded feline before the big upcoming snow storm, I went to the nearby vet, Nor'east Veterinary Associates to ask for help. A big thank you for all your assistance! They said they would make some calls and see what they could do. I was going to do the same thing. At about the same time we both found someone willing to donate their time to help this kitty. Their contact got to the location first and the kitty was helped down. Thank you Tim Therrier of Chimney Restorations of Belmont! I also want to thank my contact, who's company wishes to remain anonymous but those who helped were Elizabeth, TJ and Howard and were going to use a bucket truck. After my son got out of school he along with his sister and Meme went with me to see the kitty and got lots of loving from it.
I cannot at this time enclose a photo of it or give you a description as I am looking for the rightful owner to claim their cat. If you have lost your's in the Route 106 area of Belmont near where he was found, please call me and describe it or show me a picture. I will then tell you the whereabouts so you can claim this sweetheart. I am sure this loving feline is as anxious to go home as you are to have him.
Traci Mahoney-Barker