I will nominate Rep. Huot for chair of the Belknap Co. Convention

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To the editor,
It has been quite troubling to read all of the headlines and newspaper stories concerning the business of the Belknap County Delegation this year. It has been even more difficult to attempt to participate in the delegation meetings: secret ballots, lawsuits, a lack of rules, and not following an agenda. The delegation has now hired its own legal council, as have the commissioners, and have been advised to take a new vote for delegation officers, this time in public.
This vote is scheduled for Tuesday evening at the Belknap County Complex at 5 p.m.. It is my intention to nominate Representative David Huot of Laconia as the new chair of the delegation. Representative Huot has been a well respected judge in Belknap County and can be trusted to act legally and fairly.
It would be nice if the voters of Belknap County would show up and support a change in leadership or call their local representatives to express their support.
Rep. Beth Arsenault