County budget process needs to follow rules and precedents

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To the editor,
Regardless of where one falls on the political spectrum, there is reason to be concerned about the Belknap County Convention's failure to follow standard rules of procedure as it conducts business. And, regardless of how one feels about the Belknap County budget, there is reason to be concerned about a budgetary "process" that follows no rules and acknowledges no precedents.
Rep. Worsman, currently chair of the Belknap County Convention, should know better. She has chaired the Meredith Selectboard and sits on the House Finance Committee, both of which have standardized rules of procedure. Failure to follow such rules leads to an appearance of an agenda that is driven by forces other than the best interests of the county.
Rep. David Huot is a former judge who understands both rules of procedure and impartiality. He can read a statute and determine its applicability to a situation. He is the perfect candidate to chair the Belknap County Convention going forward to ensure fair, impartial and standardized procedures in the conduct of county business.
Whether it is the budget, the prison proposal or the proposed sale of the State School property, Belknap County has critical decisions ahead and needs unbiased and rule-abiding leadership in the weeks and months ahead.
Kate Miller