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On guns, 'progressive' politicians have been 'big hat & no cattle'

To the editor,
Last week, the N.H. House voted on the repeal of the "stand your ground" law. Let's hope that they voted in the affirmative on this law and in the future will strike down other insanities that the Republican Party perpetrated on us when they were supposed to be "creating jobs".
As usual. it's the gun industry and their lackey mouthpiece. the so called "civil rights" organization known as the NRA that won't be happy if these laws and others like them are struck down. It's amazing how a relatively small industry such as the gun manufacturers can wield such power in Congress. They employ only seven one thousandths of one percent  —roughly 10,000 — workers of the total American workforce and their influence is far greater than it should be.
The gun industry obviously can't attack the government since that would be biting the hand that feeds it. Instead, they instill fear in NRA members who lash out against the changing demographics of the last 50 years in this country. They see the gun as a way "to fight back" against people who don't look like them.
Who to blame for this sorry state of affairs? It would be easy to blame the NRA but my vote would go to the so called "progressive politicians" who have far too long passed under the radar screen. They're like the proverbial cowboy — big hat, no cattle. Long on words short on action. The gun industry will eventually collapse under its own weight. They can't continue to stay in business by simply making more lethal and deadly weapons. Perhaps then our progressive politicians will do what they're supposed to do — be progressive.
George Maloof
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