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Tea Party members didn't crash the party; we were invited

To the editor,
I want to congratulate Roger Amsden for accurately reporting on the Lakes Region Planning Commission Open House on Thursday night, March 7. However, whoever composes your headlines was absolutely going for the shock value of what happened. Shame on that person for not knowing the facts.
Your front page story headline read: Tea Party members crash Planning Commission open house.
Guess what? You can only "crash" events that you're not invited to attend.
Tea Party members didn't "crash" the event. We were formally invited to attend, and encouraged to talk to the LRPC staff at the event.
Here's the actual text from the formal invitation: "The purpose of the Open House is to provide an opportunity for the LRPC Commissioners, local officials, and the public to meet LRPC staff and talk about the Granite State Future Project and LRPC's ongoing planning work that will inform the development of the Lakes Region Plan."
I've attached a copy of the actual invitation so you can verify that quote. It would be wonderful if you did publish it so all can see that those in attendance were performing their civic duty of becoming informed about the Granite State Future.
Please continue the great reporting, and try next time to do a much better job of writing headlines.
Tim Carter, Co-Leader
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