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Obama & Reed want to establish a socialist nation in this country

To the editor,
Here on Thursday the 14th, Leon Albushies is rightly concerned with our national debt. The deficit is huge and growing and for once Leon and I are on the same page. Where we differ is Leon chooses to blame it all on foreign wars. You know I seem to recall ALL the Democrats voted for those wars. They keep voting to fund them while still trying to blaim Bush as though they had no idea what they had voted for.
I would also remind Leon that Barney Frank and company created a housing bubble by insisting that every unqualified buyer get a mortgage they couldn't hope to pay. Surprise, the bubble burst creating our current problem. Thing is Leon, trying to blame one side or the other just a smoke screen because the fact is we have this problem and even if we brought ever single solder, sailor, airmen and Marine home tomorrow the debt would still be there. Our current problem is that it will take years and years to pay the debt down as you said. So I ask you, is the president putting out any plan to lower that debt or does his plan only slow the future rate of growing debt? Answer: No, his plan does not lower debt only tries to slow future spending. The fact is it's the Republican budget plan that actually will pay down the debt over 10 years to a balanced budget. Problem is Obama, Reed and company do not want to pay down the debt. They want to follow the Cloward and Piven plan to explode the nations economy, create a revolt and establish a socialist nation here in this country. In other words, a communist state. Thanks Leon but I'll pass on your Kool-aid.
Steve Earle
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