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We salute David Morse for his many contributions to our library

To the editor,
As of the March 12th election, there is a big change at Belmont Public Library: After 15 years, Library Trustee David Morse is retiring from the Library Board of Trustees. In the 15 years he has been a trustee, the library has become automated, increased hours and days of being open, provided Internet for public use, and upgraded all library services.
David was elected in 1998. He worked hard as a trustee to bring the library up to a standard which would better serve the fast-growing community of Belmont. He strove to set up a Capital Reserve Fund to help pay for a future building expansion, and tirelessly worked to have architectural plans drawn up for an addition that would complement the beautiful historic building while providing much needed space and accommodations. He gave time and effort planning a budget that would allow the Belmont Public Library to be open many more hours each week, offer a wider range of services, and provide dynamic programs for children.
The staff at Belmont Public Library and Board of Library Trustees (past and present) are deeply grateful to David for his years of hard work and dedication. Everyone in the community should thank him for his devoted service in providing residents with a library they can be proud of. We all hope he will continue to be a part of the Library scene as a friend and advisor!
Jackie Heath, Library Director
The Staff of Belmont Public Library
Mary Charnley, Library Trustee
Marilynn Fowler, Library Trustee
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