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Alton kids lost because school board would not compromise

To the editor,
At Alton's elections last night it was the kids who came out the losers. At the school, after the results were read, it was sad to see the parents and the teachers there blaming the people of the town who voted down the $18 million ACS renovation. One of the first things you teach your kids is to share, to compromise. Well, maybe they should listen to themselves. Their refusal to compromise and reduce the amount of the renovation, or better yet, offer the town's people an alternative to their astronomical $18 million, left the kids with nothing! Many people spoke up during the deliberative session and reminded these same people with the all or nothing mentality, that they were risking the kids coming out on the losing end.
Well, it happened. By refusing to compromise and remaining stubborn with the "my way or the highway" attitude, the kids lost out. It is so sad that these caring people couldn't see past their own egos or hatefulness to think of the kids first. Hopefully the money that has been set aside these past years will finally be put to use and repair what we can for now. Next year, with everyone's egos in check, maybe we can put the children first, and give them what they deserve.
Edie Miller
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