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A pistol capable of 6 shots in 1.7 sec. is automatic enough to me

To the editor,
To Dave Schwotzer, twice now you have invoked my name in you diatribe. I did not get personal in my last letter but if that's how you want to play it, let's go!
Let's start with the word illegal. There are many things illegal, Dave, not just people. Take and examine some gun nut out there. I'm sure he has devices and weapons that are very illegal. Regarding my error in saying that an assault weapon shot President Regan, Jim Brady, Secret Service Agent Tim McCarthy and Officer Tom Delahanity; it was a German made Rohm, 6 shot revolver capable of emptying in 1.7 seconds. That's automatic enough for me. It's odd to me that this slipped your mind — the portions I wrote about President Regan's attitude towards assault weapons and Justice Scalia comments saying M16s and the like have no place in the 2nd Amendment. They did not say that it was a rifle or pistol that makes them an assault weapon.
In regards to your term "Moon Bats", I guess it's understandable a person like you would have a problem with hallucinations. You know, like regarding all people with your mental illness as liberals. With regards to me having long hair and a ponytail, I have to say, I wish. At 62 my hair is quite thin. In regard to your references to me being an old hippie . . . absolutely. I guess if I have to imagine you, I would see a bald-headed redneck, who's jealous of people with a good head of hair.
In referencing my quoting John Lennon, a man of peace who, the year before he was murdered, bought $10,000 worth of bullet-proof vests. I have been to the spot where he laid, dying and I'll quote him all day and night.
Ray Corliss
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