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We'll have to reduce domestic spending for years to pay for wars

To the editor,
Appraising our history for this past 10 years is elementary to understanding where we are today. We need to take a good, long look at our decisions on the national front to understand how it's affecting our economy and our way of life. This is more fact and less opinion, I hope!
We, as a nation, have taken our military might overseas to make war with third-world countries we have claimed as our enemies. Our national policies, since the event of 9/11 has been to seek out and kill combatants we have claimed as dangerous to our national security. We have been reminded repeatedly, almost daily, of the potential threat these insurgents pose to us! Call them terrorists, or anything for that matter — they must be destroyed. The ensuing years of war, that we initiated, we have run up a bill that has spent more of our treasury than our first flights to the moon and the development of the A bomb, 60 years ago. As of recent estimates, the amount spent is about five trillion dollars. At least 6,500 brave and dedicated military personnel have paid with their precious lives to eradicate enemies in two nations beset by internal disorder and chaos.
Many historians and military experts now agree Vietnam was a war we had no business to be in. Early on we used the "Gulf of Tomkin Resolution" as our excuse to invade and occupy military forces in that country. Later it was refuted. We lost our alibi, and 58,000 men because our blunder. Yet the war went on!
Since all the dire predictions of potential attacks from Iraq and Afghanistan have proved to be false, how can we now justify the loss of life and revenue we have forfeited. Did we really expect these corrupt governments we helped support to have the means to harm us? Neither country has a military, or the will, or the way — and 9/11 did nor originate there!
We have been duped by a government that is top-heavy with weapons contractors and politicians who have been their ardent supporters and sales-persons. Arms sales all over the world have been, and still is, our biggest business. Spokesmen promoting overseas wars far outnumber statesmen who seek to prioritizing domestic needs, first and foremost. Five trillion dollars would pay for Medicare costs and Social Security payments well into the future. But no, that money is gone!
We will have to reduce domestic spending for many, many years to pay for these protracted wars. Wars that we gained nothing from, and wars that will be paid for by future generations of working people — like you and me!
Leon R. Albushies
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