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Student debt in America now totals an unbelievable $900 billion

To the editor,
Opportunity knocks only once but fantasy never stops knocking for education and unions. Wednesday's Sun reported tenured faculty at PSU are attempting to UNIONIZE while screaming "it is not about the money". They assume we all fell off a turnip trucks yesterday. For unions it is about the money, and will always be about the money. Tell me the last time you heard unions talk about doing more work, higher quality work or more efficient work that might justify higher compensation. It is always about applying leverage, strike threats and arm breaking of those who employ them to secure higher wages, benefits and pensions no matter the financial condition of their employer. We have witnessed these bare knuckled tactics of unions repeatedly for the past four years, during the worst recession in decades. It is repulsive and sickening to the average tax payer, many without jobs. From teachers unions in Wisconsin threatening the governors life, to the union garbage haulers in Chicago telling the mayor to stick his offers where the sun don't shine. The fact the states, cities and towns that employ these unions are near bankrupt is of no concern to the ME ONLY, UNION MIND. To suggest for a moment it is NOT ABOUT THE MONEY is the most absurd, bold faced, hypocritical lie imaginable. The PSU faculty reports their wages have not kept up with sister colleges. The inference is we are going to SCREAM our lungs out demanding wage increases. That coverts to TUITION INCREASES! Not because we are doing more work or higher quality work but on the basis someone else someplace else may be getting paid more. That is why I used the word FANTASY in my first sentence.
Let me share the legacy of uninterrupted, FAILURE unionized education has brought us ALL for the past three decades.
Unionized education, concerned exclusively with personal wage and benefit hikes has brought us NON STOP TUITION HIKES at a pace far out pacing inflation. Student debt in America now totals an unbelievable $900 BILLION, breaking the backs of millions of middle American families. More money is owed in student debt than on every car loan in America. More money is owed in student debt that charged on every credit card in America. ONE IN FIVE FAMILIES now owe student loans to government, double the number of just 20 years ago. From 2001 to 2008, government hand outs to universities more than TRIPLED. Money given with little accountability or measure of VALUE. Pell grants have exploded; in 2000, fewer than 3.8 million were awarded, by 2011 it was TEN MILLION. The states and government have shoveled endless billions with the intention to blunt the cost of college. IT HASN'T WORKED and it WON'T WORK. Government now holds 80 percent of all student debt, up from 40 percent not all that long ago. Government now gives student loans literally WITHOUT qualification. The same INSANITY that facilitated the housing crash. Money handed to universities by states or government without REQUIREMENTS and RESPONSIBILITY to reduce tuition fees will never accomplish the goal to make college LESS EXPENSIVE and unions will insure that goal is never reached. It is valid to say unions are opposed to anything that will reduce the cost of your son or daughter attending college and leaving with LESS DEBT.
Tony Boutin
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