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N.H. Liquor Commission keeps up with modern marketing

To the editor,
In 1933, the N.H. General Court (House and Senate) established by law the N.H. Liquor Commission to regulate the manufacture, possession, sale, consumption, importation, use storage, and transportation and delivery of wine, spirits and malt or brewed beverages in New Hampshire (RSA 176:1).
The Commission is comprised of three members who are appointed by the governor with consent of the Executive Council to six-year terms. Their task and responsibility is to produce a significant boost to the revenue side of the N.H. state budget each year.
It is my observation over my 35 years on the Council that this agency has been effectively run, dispersing wines and spirits through 74 stores in New Hampshire with some 10 million customers visiting these stores — with $559,114,050 sales annually with a net profit of $139.6 million to the State Treasury.
The Commission is to be commended for keeping up with modern ways of doing business in today's markets.
The 2012 Annual Report of the N.H. State Liquor Commission was accepted and placed on file by the governor and Council. If anyone would like a copy of this document please contact my office anytime.
Ray Burton
N.H. Executive Council - District 1
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