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Pres. Obama wants no responsibility for anything that happens

To the editor,
Barack Obama may be our president, but he is a petty little man who cares more about his power and ideology than people. After months of attempting to blame Republicans for his sequester plan and promising dire consequences, the public didn't buy it. They said cutting 2.3 percent from our bloated future spending plan isn't enough, cut current spending levels by 5 percent.
Like a spoiled brat, Obama wants to make people suffer for not believing his threats. So, he stops White House tours, he cuts medical care for veterans, including disabled veterans and their families, he releases thousands of criminals to prey on Americans, he goes out of his way to cause pain to others, but for a $500,000 donation to his campaign fund, he gives you a night in the Lincoln Bedroom at taxpayer expense.
Obama had over a year to minimize the effects of the sequester "cuts" (which means spending only increases by $15 billion this year). Small cuts in government waste and fraud would cover all of this year's sequester "cuts". Skipping the golf weekend with Tiger Woods would have saved enough money to fund the White House tours for a year. Other questionable spending could be cut, e.g., $50 million for homeland security (DHS) uniforms, $250 million to Egypt, $60 million to Syrian rebels (we don't even know), and billions for bullets, tanks and other armaments for DHS (to fight whom?).
Congress offered other alternatives. The Senate could have negotiated with one of the two House proposals. Republican Senators proposed to give the president total flexibility to choose the "cuts". But, Obama refused them all.
Obama wants the sequester to inflict pain. The administration directed in writing that cuts must not be made in a way that would reduce the pain that Obama promised.
Even though he is president, Obama wants no responsibility for anything that happens. This is why he lied for so long, blaming Congress for the sequester. Despite preventing Congress from passing a budget or a sequester alternative, despite his disastrous policies that destroy jobs and drive up the costs of food, fuel, medical insurance, and other things Americans need, President Obama repeats, "Not me! Not me!"
The primary jobs that Obama performs are blamer-in-chief, fund-raiser-in-chief and campaigner-in-chief. His only real focus is to win the 2014 elections so that with a Democrat-controlled Congress he can force through more legislation, like ObamaCare, that the American people don't want.
The pain that Obama is unnecessarily inflicting on Americans and falsely blaming on the sequester is nothing compared to the pain he will inflict if he again has a rubber-stamp Congress.
Don Ewing
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