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Don't let future students miss out on educational opportunities

To the editor,
Dear Senator Andrew Hosmer,
My name is Aaron Rago. I have been a resident of Franklin for 14 years. I am a college student at Lakes Region Community College. As an assignment for my American Government class, I am writing about an issue that concerns me — the issue of School Choice.
Last year the New Hampshire Legislature passed a bill (SB-372) that allowed low-income families to receive a k-12 scholarship, so they could finance their children's education at a private school, out-of-district public school, or home school. This bill gives students the freedom to go to the school of their choice and receive the best education that suites their individual needs. It is my understanding that another bill (HB-370) will repeal SB-372 if passed by the Senate and signed by the governor. The House already passed the bill, but I ask that you vote "inexpedient to legislate" on HB-370.
When I was a student at Franklin High School, I wanted to take classes at Laconia High School that weren't offered at Franklin. After meeting with the principal of Laconia High, I discovered that my family couldn't afford the high tuition costs for an out-of-district student. I was devastated.
Right now there are over 400 students that have applied for these scholarships. If HB-370 is passed and SB-372 is repealed, the children of these families will not be able to attend the schools of their choice. Without the education that suits them, they may struggle with school and not be able to achieve their full potential.
I don't want future students to miss out on educational opportunities like I did. It is my hope for them that they will be able to have access to a better education or a school that is the best fit for them. I ask again that you vote against HB-370. Thank you for your time.
Aaron Rago
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