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Shame to leave M'borough Neck pathway in present condition

To the editor,
On Saturday, March 16, Moultonborough Town Meeting attendees will take up the town warrant. Article 14 on the warrant asks the voters to raise and appropriate money for various capital improvements and expenditures and equipment. Among the seven items covered by Article 14 is "Recreation Dept. (Pathway Repairs) ." This expenditure would cover repairs to parts of what is called "Phase II" of the multi-use Moultonborough Pathway that runs along Moultonborough Neck Road.
Along this section, the northern most part of the pathway, most of the paved pathway surface is separated from the roadway by a narrow gravel strip. In a number of places, notably at hills and curves along the road, sand and stone from the gravel strip have been washed by heavy rains or scattered by vehicle tires onto the pathway pavement. This creates a hazardous situation for those using the pathway for travel on foot and by bike. The original design seemed reasonable at the time of construction, but human nature and Mother Nature have shown its shortcomings. A plan has been devised to address the worst of these locations, and approval of the plan has been received from the state DOT.
The pathway represents a wonderful recreation resource for town residents year round and for visitors during the heavy vacation season. It would be a shame to leave this section of the pathway in its present condition. We really need to do the necessary repairs to this section before moving forward (hopefully) with Phase III, which would connect the first two sections and complete the pathway. We ask your support for this repair effort in Article 14 at town meeting this Saturday morning.
Dick Russell, Treasurer
Moultonborough Pathway Association
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