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Only viable solution is for each of us to strive for zero refuse

To the editor,
The various gimmicks the City of Laconia proposes to deal with our trash crisis are dandy ways to increase taxes but fail to address what goes to the curb. The only viable and lasting solution is for each of us to strive for zero refuse. I don't pretend to have all of the answers but here are a few that came to mind:
— Use the Post Office. Save all you junk mail. Once a month, take it back to the post office. The last time I checked they had recycling wastebaskets in the lobby. Keep in mind that for one low flat rate you can send up to fifty pounds of most anything to any address in the U.S. What you put in the box, where you send it and the return address you use is only limited by your creativity.
— Support local wildlife. You might be surprised at the variety of table scraps that will disappear if placed outside your backdoor or that of a neighbor.
— Stop reading newspapers. All the news you can possibly use and then some is available for free on the Internet. Besides, from day to day the names may change but the news remains the same.
— Look in the bathroom. This is especially true if you have city sewer. You might be surprised at what will flush.
— Spread your trash. Even in small amounts, when multiplied by 365 chances, an enormous amount of waste can be distributed. Take what looks like a hearty lunch to work. Visit parks and other public places. Leave tidy bundles in pickup trucks at the mall. Let ingenuity prompt opportunity.
— Compaction is the key. Using the car to run over cans and plastic containers will easily reduce their volume by two-thirds. The kids will love to help. If soaked long enough, any type of paper can be reduced to a sodden mass. This material can then be formed into rustic lawn ornaments
Any serious thoughts about disposable diapers are welcome.
Tom Becker
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