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The most godly people I ever met in my life were mostly women

To the editor,
In other words, he is alive. An old saying says, there is nothing more final than death, but that's not true. Life Is a great mystery, we have our ups and downs, times of great joy and times of great sorrow. Life is a great adventure and my advice is live your life to the fullest. One day, when I was 23, my life was in a real mess. I heard an American preacher tell us that Jesus Christ came to give us ever-lasting life, that our lives would be changed and a great adventure was ahead for us, if only we believed. In Him, I believed and He proved to me a million times over that He is real, He's alive, and bless God is coming again to reign over the whole Earth for all of eternity. "That's good news".
Someone asked me, "Bill can a woman be a minster or a priest? Or even a Pope?" I thought for a moment and said, "Yes she can; the most godly people I have ever met in my life, most if not all, were women." The words that Jesus Christ was risen from the dead was not given to Peter (the first Pope) but to Mary Magdalene, by the angle of the Lord, and to quickly go and tell his disciples that Jesus was alive and to go to Galilee, where they would see him. (Matt 28:1-10).
These same women, along with a hundred and twenty, were baptized with the Holy-Ghost on the day of Pentecost, and sent forth to the uttermost parts of the Earth to preach salvation and the love of God in Christ Jesus.
Don't be fooled by dead religions; Jesus is alive, He is full of life and will give you life and joy. Your life will never be the same again.
May all you folks who read The Laconia Sun have a wonderful Easter. "He's alive, praise God".
William (Liam) McCoy
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