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Only option left for Shaker voters is to get SB-2 put in place

To the editor,
Was very disappointed in the outcome of the recent Shaker school district meeting... though not surprised. I find some of the comments made about the budget committee for the district to be very insulting to the voters who pour thousands of their taxes into the school each year. To say the process would take a new budget committee member "years" to learn and understand is simply not true anymore than it takes a new school board member years to know what they are doing. I think that the district simply gets anything and everything they ask for year in and year out with few questions. The spending continues to grow while most wage earners cannot say the same for themselves. The tax rate in Belmont is amongst some of the highest statewide and much if not all of that is due to the school. What is the school district afraid of?
I still feel that with this vote the only option left for the rest of us taxpayers is to succeed in getting SB-2 in place for the school next year as well as a possible tax cap put in place. SB-2 has worked fine for the town.
Don Irvin
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